Alejandra has been photographing newborns for 6 years. 

With 3 children of her own, she knows how to calm just about any baby. 

When choosing a newborn photographer it is important to keep in mind that safety should always be a priority. Alejandra always ensures her newborn’s are safe and comfortable. She has many props to choose from at her studio. If she doesn’t have it she will either make it or get it. Her newborn sessions are photographed in her studio.

When to book 

Newborns are typically photographed anywhere from 7-14 days old. With that being said, it is best to book either 4 weeks before your due date or as soon as the baby is born. Alejandra will schedule a session prior to your due date or scheduled c-section. She understands birthing isn't easy and is sensitive to mamas recovery. Therefore, we will work with you to schedule your baby. 

She asks that clients contact her when the baby is born with the arrival date. This way we can plan the best day to photograph your newborn.


Regardless of her schedule, she always leaves time for newborns! She keeps a very loose schedule to allow for newborn sessions and  will schedule newborns in as quick as we can. Ideally it is best to call as soon as the baby is born or ahead if it is a scheduled C Section.

The idea is to have some memorable newborn photos to share with your loved ones. If you are interested in all of the adorable wrapped, posed or sleepy newborn poses, then you'll want to come in when your baby is around 5-12 days old.

How long are the sessions

Newborn sessions typically last 2-4hrs and Alejandra provides any wraps, outfits and props that she has in her studio. 

Parents and siblings are welcome at the studio and may be included in the photos with the newborn at no additional charge.